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Gems are items used to craft many magical items. Each gem has a unique color, theme, and crafting recipes. This article will detail all of them.

Red Gem Red Gem Edit

Blue Gem Blue Gem Edit

Purple Gem Purple Gem Edit

Orange Gem Orange Gem Edit

Yellow Gem Yellow Gem Edit

Green Gem Green Gem Edit

Iridescent Gem Iridescent Gem Edit

Sapphire Blue Gem 2 Babey ! Edit

Bloodstone Bloodstone Edit

Gem 3 Gem 3 Edit

Gem 3 is the third gem. Every recipe using Gem 3 has exactly 9 ingredients, 3 of each.

Peridot 2 Peridot Edit

Spectrolite 2 Spectrolite Edit

Spinel 2 Spinel Edit

White Gem White Gem Edit

Zircon Zircon Edit

Diamond Diamond Edit

Blue diamond Blue Diamond Edit

Yellow diamond Yellow Diamond Edit

White diamond White Diamond Edit

Pink diamond Pink Diamond Edit

Voidgem Void Gem Edit

Redartifact Dog Gem Edit

Supergem Super Gem Edit

Emerald Emerald Edit

Rainbowgem Rainbow Gem Edit

4 for 10 facebook credits

25 for 50 facebook credits

115 for only 200 facebook credits (best value!)

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