Wilson Percival Higgsbury is the first available playable character in Don't Starve. He is the second playable character after Don't Starve. He is a rare monster in the game.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • As of the official release of Don't Starve: The Beginning, Higgs is the highest quality player spawn. A rare Monster spawn has less potential life and more damage.
  • Higgs is the highest rarity Monster spawn.
  • Higgs' model, including animation, is the first in the game. His model has no known model files.
  • He bears no relation to the famous Higgs boson found in particle physics. This name has since been given due to his discovery.
  • It was the only monster to ever be confirmed for a sequel to Don't Starve before the Early Access launch.
  • Higgs appears in a promotional video for Don't Starve: The First Season.
  • Higgs first appeared in a live stream that was broadcast on November 14, 2017. Since the stream was closed for some time (due to technical issues), we have released his live stream videos.
  • Since he appears in a promotional video, he will be given the name "Higgs".
  • According to the website, Higgs is the first monster to appear in Star Trek Online.
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