Trinkets are special items obtained from graves, tumbleweeds, mobs, and many other sources. In Unnatural Selection, the Trinket system is expanded and the player is able to equip them in one of their Trinket Slots for special effects. A player will have 2 Trinket Slots by default, though more can be obtained with Trinket Tickets purchased from Toad's Toadally Awesome Shop.

Trinket 1 Melty Marbles Edit

Melty Marbles will provide a bonus 20 Insulation.

Trinket 2 Fake Kazoo Edit

A Fake Kazoo will cause redbirds to spawn in place of other birds, regardless of season or turf.

Trinket 3 Gord's Knot Edit

A Gord's Knot allows the player to refine items such as Rope or Boards 20% faster.

Trinket 4 Gnome Edit

A Gnome allows the player to get close to mobs like Gobblers and Rabbits without spooking them.

Trinket 5 Tiny Rocketship Edit

A Tiny Rocketship allows the player to jump over obstacles like walls.

Trinket 6 Frazzled Wires Edit

Frazzled Wires allow the player to refuel Winona's Nitre Generator 50% more effectively.

Trinket 7 Ball and Cup Edit

A Ball and Cup gives the player 2 luck, making loot from Tumbleweeds or the Slot Machine slightly better.

Trinket 8 Hardened Rubber Bung Edit

A Hardened Rubber Bung allows the player to stop dripping fluids all over the place.

Trinket 9 Mismatched Buttons Edit

Mismatched Buttons allow Woodie to keep his clothes on when transforming into a Wereform.

Trinket 10 Second-hand Dentures Edit

Second-hand Dentures makes Wickerbottom's books take 12% less sanity to cast.

Trinket 11 Lying Robot Edit

a Lying Robot allows any character to get "overcharged" by lightning strikes, giving them a small speed boost and light source for 4 minutes. This effect can be lengthened to up to 24 minutes by equipping multiple Lying Robots, but multiple lightning strikes will only reset the timer to full and will not add to the duration of the overcharge.

Trinket 12 Dessicated Tentacle Edit

A Dessicated Tentacle makes all Tentacles passive, including the Baby Tentacles spawned from attacking a Big Tentacle.

Trinket 13 Gnomette Edit

A Gnomette will increase your Cuteness by 80%!

Trinket 14 Leaky Teacup Edit

A Leaky Teacup will slow your rate of Thirst loss by 10%

Trinket 15Trinket 16Trinket 28 Chess Trinkets Trinket 29Trinket 30Trinket 31 Edit

All Chess Trinkets are Vanity Trinkets, and will change your emote sounds to that of the Clockwork the piece corresponds. The white pieces correspond to the regular Clockworks, and the black pieces correspond to the damaged Clockworks.

Trinket 17 Bent Spork Edit

A Bent Spork causes all food to give 16% more hunger.

Trinket 18 Toy Trojan Horse Edit

A Toy Trojan Horse allows you to "shuffle" while hidden in a Bush Hat or Snurtle Shell, allowing you to make slight movements while staying hidden.

Trinket 19 Unbalanced Top Edit

An Unbalanced Top increases your speed significantly, but your character will weave back and forth like a snake while walking in any direction.

Trinket 20 Back Scratcher Edit

A Back Scratcher will apply 80 bonus damage to any attack done to a mob from behind them.

Trinket 21 Beaten Beater Edit

A Beaten Beater increases the speed of food cooking in nearby Crock Pots by 10%.

Trinket 22 Frayed Yarn Edit

Frayed Yarn increases the duration followers such as Catcoons and Pigs can be befriended by 20 minutes.

Trinket 23 Shoe Horn Edit

A Shoe Horn will cause any item you unequip to be immediately dropped onto the ground. Careful!

Trinket 24 Lucky Cat Jar Edit

A Lucky Cat Jar will give you 8 Luck, making loot from Tumbleweeds or the Slot Machine slightly better.

Trinket 25 Air Unfreshener Edit

An Air Unfreshener will make trees drop a bonus log when chopped.

Trinket 26 Potato Cup Edit

A Potato Cup will get you so much forum karma in Maxwell Memes.

Trinket 27 Wire Hanger Edit

A Wire Hanger causes nearby mobs to take 10 damage whenever you take damage from any source.

Antliontrinket Beach Toy Edit

A Beach Toy allows you to craft items and structures from the Nautical Tab without having to learn them in SW first, similarly to a Brain of Thought. Unlike most Trinkets, the Beach Toy has durability, and will be destroyed after crafting 3 recipes.

Sonic shoes Speed Sneakers Edit

Speed Sneakers give a large speed boost when equipped. That's it. Enjoy.

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